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Dhabudi ma real face exposed 2019

Dhabudi ma real face exposed 2019

What is faith and superstition?

What a difference there is, such questions arise in my mind or anyone else's mind. Which I keep here for discussion. So that feedback can be understood by more.

Talking about one of my experiences, a colleague who was studying in my college used to come to the college every morning to visit the temple of Gopallalji. When winter is always on the bicycle, which makes it difficult to ride, we tell all the ladies that if you are wearing a sweater, if you are comfortable, then if you want to go darshan, then I have to remove the sweater if there is any.

When we hire “superstitious ones,” do we not exalt ourselves? A tribal worship ritual - the superstition that a goat, a poultry sacrificed and the belief that we should go to the temple and stand in front of the idol?
Often questions arise in the mind, I put them in the public.

How much difference between faith and superstition? Isn't superstition itself a faith? Or is faith not superstition? How to distinguish? Does not one's faith become superstitious to another?

Immediately after being laid out and seen. We wonder why we should remove the salsa or sweater in the mirror? Then he said that the warm wool of a sweater or saloon meant that the saliva would feel warm. The point to consider now is that an educated student does not have any reasoning to understand this. How does the way we dress affect the redness of the red?

Another superstition just happened on the day of the Uttarayan incident in the famous Sabarimala in the south. Reveals how ridiculous the faith is. Shabarimala is a temple situated on a hill or hill. It is believed that Makarsankranti sees a light mass from this hill on the day

Now whoever sees the temple of Gopalalaji or Krishnaji from time to time, then realize how far the distance is. There is a room like an idol. There is also a place of victim in front of it and a wooden net in front of it. General Chat Chat Lounge The God who is far away feels the heat. Think so faith or superstition?

Due to that there is a lot of congestion at night. This belief may have been in place for a few years. This year, the light did not appear. The crowd of devotees became sad and felt that there was an outbreak of a goddess and much evil would happen. 

. Now no one knew what Prakashpunja was. How do people take advantage of the unthinkable faith? This was not light. Makarsankranti had some kind of lights at night at the Electricity Station, a short distance away. If the masses fall into the trap of faith, then people can earn from them by doing such things.

In our society worship, mantra, chant, prayer, pilgrimage, prakdina, yagyas, sacrifices, etc. were already practiced and still are today. On top of all this, there was a class of dignitaries. The reason for all this was that the lack of knowledge of true support continued unconventional. Due to the faith, the divine element is also preserved in the idols, tombs, and garments placed in the name of God. Having faith in all of this gives the destitute people some mental support. Since there is a power in the flow of tradition, there is no sense in the prevailing belief that people have the intelligence to support or reason. The poor and the ignorant are not the only ones who are poor or ignorant. There are also rich and learned people. After being destitute, the rich or the scholarly intellect is killed. That is why in the current tradition and belief and belief, there is no idea of ​​the extent of truth. Not all who are steeped in tradition are also believers. The poor and the rich do the same thing by faith, even the rich and the happy are the ones who have a little part of their faith and a lot of their wealth, glory and grandeur. The worship of the poor has more of a faith than a pastime. The wealthy are more likely to show flare and less of faith. That is why some have continued the tradition of faith for the sake of their devotion to the display of their superiority, as someone dejected and helpless.
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