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geeta abari at bjavanagar mela 2019

geeta abari at bjavanagar mela 2019

Geeta Rabari was born on December 31, 1996 (year 22 years, in 2018), in Tappur, Kutch in Gujarat. She completed the 10th standard of Jamnagar JNV. 

 school was attended. When she was in 5th standard, Geeta started singing. The nearby villagers often call it for songs because they feel their voice very pleasurable. Initially, she earned a small amount by singing Bhajan, Folklore, Santewani and Deira, and at the age of 20, she had established herself as a famous singer of Gujarat.

Geeta Gujarati song "Rona Sare Ma." He started his songs with After that, he sang the song "Alone Rabari". The audience liked both songs and got a Gita identity.

In addition to Gujarati songs, he also has a garba album. Later, she gave her voice for songs such as Desi Dhol Vaj, Masti Maasti Mastani, DJ Version Moj Maa Revo, Swift Gadi Farhur Motarkar, Trouble to Ravan, Geeta Rubri 2017 Super Hit Lokar Dera.


Music is the Sanskrit word. Sam + song, Sam means equally and exactly the meaning of the song, namely singing is the name of the music. Samyak Ka Takeye Iti Music Mahakavi Kalidas, in 'Abhigyan Shakiktal', the song "Song, Vandh Nhatan Chan Trayan Musandamuchayat", the song, the Vaginta and the dance are all called 'music' together. Pandit has been specially mentioned in the sub-narrative musical melodrama: "Song Rituals: Due to Prataktavihinan Yatan Tath Musicam Upadhyat" means the common attribute of song, dhad and dance trio. Hence the rituals in music are inevitable. Furthermore, in the Bharatnatyogi, "Gandharva Trividha Vyadat Swararatapadachanam!" Meaning that the music is selfish, dynamic and technical. In this way, the definition of music is given.
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