Sunday, 25 August 2019

Jignesh kaviraj with family 2019

Jignesh kaviraj with family 2019

Jignesh kaviraj gujarat na prakhyat ane lokpriy klakaro mano ek klakar chhe...tena ghana badha geet eva chhe je 20 miliyan thi pn vdhare vakhat jovaya chhe

hath machhe whisky .e geet emnu sauthi popular song manvama aave chhe

aa .sivay bewafa 101 taka premni majaburi prem ek vhem chhe..

Pandit has been specially mentioned in the sub-narrative musical melodrama: "Song Rituals: Due to Prataktavihinan Yatan Tath Musicam Upadhyat" means the common attribute of song, dhad and dance trio. Hence the rituals in music are inevitable. 

Furthermore, in the Bharatnatyogi, "Gandharva Trividha Vyadat Swararatapadachanam!" Meaning that the music is selfish, dynamic and technical. In this way, the definition of music is given.

Music is the Sanskrit word. Sam + song, Sam means equally and exactly the meaning of the song, namely singing is the name of the music. Samyak Ka Takeye Iti Music Mahakavi Kalidas, in 'Abhigyan Shakiktal', the song "Song, Vandh Nhatan Chan Trayan Musandamuchayat", the song, the Vaginta and the dance are all called 'music' together. 

tmara ham hasi na udavaso amari dayarama aavo maniraj ..

lagan no mandavo dj dilno kheladi

dj dil no anadi e sivay emni ketlik filmo pan aavi chhe

je filmo ne pan darshkoe saro evo rispons apyo chhe

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