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Kinjal dave e bnavya matina ganesh

Kinjal dave e bnavya matina ganesh

Kinjal Dave was born in Jingpara, a small village in Patan district in north Gujarat. From an early age, Kingel Dave had a passion for singing.

Famous from the four-wheeled carriage, Kingel Dave owns his own Innova car today, at the same time his family did not even have bicycles.
Kinjal Dave sings folk songs, wedding songs, Bhajan, Garba as well as Gujarati movie songs and in the coming days he will be seen acting in a Gujarati film.

देखे वीडियो। 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Kingel's family also operated a tiffin service to meet the needs of the home. Kinjal's parents lived in a room and a kitchen. Thus Kingel is raised in poverty.

So the true full name of Kinjal Dave is Kinjal Joshi, even though Dave is famished by surname but he writes Kinjal Joshi everywhere on the documents. So his childhood nickname is Kanji.

Kinjal is very expensive at meal time with khukri, khichdi, curry. He always eats Halku Fulku food. So her favorite heroine is Deepika Padukone
Gujarat's popular singer, Kinjal Dave, has been associated with music since childhood. He beautifully preserved and extended this legacy from his father. Kinjal is not only limited to singing Ras Garba but he also sings Gujarati folk songs very well. Kinzal, who arrived in Sydney last fall, says he is excited to be a part of the Rehl Garba Festival, held on the first ever open ground on a foreign land.

Kinjal Dave has become famous due to songs like 'four-wheeled cart', 'Gogo mera gom dhani', 'O saiba', 'Hum laherilala'.

Kingel Dave has made his name known both in the country and in the world in the age of relaxation and fun, today the crowds that are not involved in Kinjal Dave's programs are bouncing on the ground.

Kianjal Dave's fiancé Pawan Joshi has posted a picture of a birthday celebration with Kinjal and wrote, "Happy Birthday to all who wish you happiness, success, good health and support on this special day."
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